Saturday, July 25, 2009

From the Deepest Wilds of Africa

"From the Heart of Africa" - Pochade #1
5"x7", Acrylics on Illustration Board
(click image to enlarge)

"From the Heart of Africa" - Pochade #2
5.75"x5.75", Acrylics on Illustration Board
(click image to enlarge)

Yesterday, I once again ventured to the zoo with my illustrator buddy for a little painting (and the paintings were literally little...ha ha!). We brought our easels and paints this time, and set up near a group of African-looking huts for some plein air painting. Standing in the same place, I painted two small pochades in a series that I playful named "From the Heart of Africa" (which was obviously far from the truth since I was at the Denver Zoo). I only spent about an hour on each painting, my goal for the day was just to have fun painting and playing with color. As a new exercise, I tried painting with my glasses off. This reduced everything into colorful shapes, which was quite beneficial for simplifying the composition. When I was packing up, I noticed a happy accident. By placing the paintings side-by-side, they create a panorama! This was a completely unplanned, but a welcome accident.
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